Something. I just don’t know what.

The pandemic hit sometime in February and now it’s the end of June. I feel like it’s been a day and an eternity. What’s really strange is that I feel this way about everything since you died, Andrew. Living without you right here with us, bothering us, making us laugh, filling the spaces with your warm solid frame, smelling you near me and not hearing your laughter is a maddening and eternal pain that no one wants to keep hearing me talk about. It’s not that they don’t care it’s that they don’t know and those who know understand on a level that words aren’t necessary. I miss you. I miss you every single second of every single day and although I know I’m not going crazy I know I’ve gone crazy.

Lately I feel

That I can’t pretend

I may never ever see

The likes of you again

I take a walk, I come back home

Then I sit a spell

Watch the ponies dance around

The empty wishing well.

Way back then by John Prine

“Watch the ponies dance around the empty wishing well” just about sums it all up. I’m just waiting. Waiting for this year to be over. Waiting for tonight. Waiting till it ends.

What the actual fuck. How could things get any worse? Here’s how. You died. Then Alec died a little and I can’t stand watching that. Then Papi had a stroke a year after you died and I can’t stand watching that. Then this pandemic hits 2 years after you died and I can’t stand watching this. I can’t even write. I got nothing right now. I’m just waiting.

I remember everything, Andrew. I’m just waiting. I’m just watching the ponies dance around the empty wishing well.

Waiting. Andrew when we went to Caladesi Island, FL.

Author: Mom Mom Mommy Momma - Angela!

I was just Angela till I became a mom to my babies Andrew and Alec. I've had wonderful things happen and horrendous things happen in this journey of mine but through it all I still look for a smile and hope for better days ahead.

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